Vainglory: Baron Update (1.22) – New Hero, Skins, & More

Since the Autumn Season is just around the corner (September 22nd), the Halcyon Fold has welcomed a brand new seasonal design in Update 1.22. Can you guess what Autumn looks like on the map? In case you missed out on first grade’s basics, Autumn is the month where the leaves fall and you will see plenty of leaves fall as you play. You will also notice pumpkins here and there which is great because Halloween is just a month away.

Autumn Themed Halcyon Fold – Sourced From

However, let’s focus on the more important part of this update, the new hero! Baron is a soldier specializing in destroying his enemies. He employs an exosuit where he utilizes explosives to bring as much damage to an area as possible. While speed isn’t his best quality, he can jump a very far distance to reach a location. In fact, according to lore it seems that Baron and Skye have a thing together! You can call it a love-hate relationship. Let’s take a look at Baron’s perks based on their precise description:

  • Rocket Launcher – Baron’s basic attacks deal 130% weapon damage to the target and surrounding enemies. These explosions deal reduced damage to lane minions.
  • Porcupine Mortar – Baron launches artillery toward the target location, damaging enemies on impact. Enemies caught by the explosion are also slowed for a short period of time. Weapon power strengthens the slow while crystal power increases the range of the ability.
  • Jump Jets – After a short delay, Baron launches to the target location, then gains bonus move speed for a short period of time. After landing, his next basic attack fires quickly and reloads instantly. Crystal power can extend the range of the jump while weapon power can shorten the delay of the jump.
  • Ion Cannon – Baron targets a location for an orbital strike. After a brief delay, the location is obliterated, dealing massive damage to all enemies in the area. This deals full damage to enemies near the center and deals less near the edges. This ability also passively increases Baron’s basic attack range every level.

Furthermore, Baron seems like a powerful long-ranged destroyer if utilized well. You can unlock this new hero with ICE within the first 7 days from update and after that you will be able to obtain him using Glory as well. Along with the new update there’s a new season chest that delivers greater rewards (including skins) but is much harder to unlock. In addition, a new Opal currency has been introduced which is extremely hard to earn and can be used to unlock old limited special edition skins that were available in the past. Opals are obtained via Daily Chests, Season Chests, and Autumn Level Ups.

Moon Princess Celeste – Sourced From

Now you are able to see your exact Skill Tier number which can be helpful to know where you currently stand. Also, there are several amazing skins introduced such as the Moon Princess Celeste (Autumn Special Edition) skin, the Dear Diary Lyra (Tier III), and the Netherknight Lance (Tier II) skin. The good news is that the new skins are now at a 25% sale price while the Tier I skins are now at a reduced price.

As for changes, players are able to modify camera focus so that the screen isn’t always centered on the hero. This allows you to see farther on the screen where you can expect incoming attacks or prepare better for a potential ambush. Quests have been increased with the introduction of new Community Quests, Bot Quests, Guild Quests, Ranked Quests, and Hero Quests (Baron & Petal).

Netherknight Lance (Tier II) – Sourced From

There have been several balance adjustments to heroes such as Adagio, Alpha, Celeste, Joule, Koshka, Lance, Lyra, Rona, Skye, and Phinn. Items like Stormguard Banner, Stromcrown, and Clockwork have been adjusted too. If you wish to see a list of the full update notes, then click here to be redirected to the official Vainglory page. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Vainglory. You can watch Baron’s Hero Spotlight video below.

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