Shadowgun: Legends – What We Know So Far

If there is a shooter game that the majority of mobile gamers are waiting for, it’s the newly announced Shadowgun: Legends by Madfinger Games. The console-quality graphics and competitive FPS experience that this title delivers is truly unrivalled. In Shadowgun: Legends you get to play with millions of people online in the fight against an invading alien race in an exciting and humorous universe. Not only can you take on countless quests, but you can do it alongside fellow players while raiding different planets together.

You can choose to play solo or with other online players. Did we also mention that this game is being developed with eSports capabilities in mind? That’s right, this will be the next big thing in the competitive world. We are, however, more impressed with the graphics. The game features custom HDR bloom with advanced character animation based on Mecanim. It also includes GPU simulated large scale particle systems with a new reflections rendering system. Moreover, it has a PBR inspired character shading with custom soft shadows system.

With Shadowgun: Legends, there are numerous weapons to choose from which you can customize and personalize. While the game will be free-to-play, it will not be pay-to-win. This is great to know because many were worried that such a beautiful game might be ruined by the influence of its freemium side. It seems that what you will pay for are items that cannot improve your skills, like weapon skins or customizations. The game is already being built with a system that prevents cheating which further encourages competition. We expect Shadowgun: Legends to be released between January and March of 2017. You can watch the announcement trailer for this game below.

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