Infinite Tanks: A Call Of Duty Inspired Title – Launching Soon

Infinite Tanks, a Call of Duty inspired title, is very close to be released to iOS, announced Atypical Games. We are greatly curious about this one since it will be a tank game with a single-player and multiplayer modes. Will it rival World of Tanks Blitz? Atypical Games have a high standard to reach in order to accomplish that. However, this company is not to be underestimated, it has released gorgeous quality games in the past such as Radiation Island, Sky Gamblers, Battle Supremacy, and many more.

In the world of Infinite Tanks, there are different classes of tanks, various weapons, & a deep customization system. Of course, it comes with a multiplayer mode where you can face off against real players from around the world in a 7vs7 experience. Unlike World of Tanks Blitz, Infinite Tanks is very fast paced. This will make the game much more competitive and players will need to be vigilant as they explore the environment in search of enemy tanks.

You might be wondering about the game’s name and how is it relevant to the content included. Interestingly, Infinite Tanks has countless customization possibilities to the extent that one would argue that there can be an infinite number of tanks available for you to build. The building process requires cards that represent a feature of the tank, such as weaponry, accessories, and more. These can be earned after each match but are available to be purchased as well.

Finally, you are able to play through a single player campaign that includes 12 adventurous missions. If you get the feeling that you are ready to challenge real players, then you can enter the multiplayer mode and test your skills. Seven maps are expected to be available when the game is released and each one will include a destructible environment. You can expect Infinite Tanks to be released very soon for iOS at the price of $4.99. You can watch the new trailer for this game below.

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