Titanfall: Frontline – Soft Launched On Google Play

Titanfall: Frontline, the online collectible card game, that was just announced a few days ago has now been soft launched on Google Play. The game is available in select countries so not all Android users can access it. As for iOS, there has been no information in regards to when it will be soft launched on the App Store but there is a big chance that the game might be released ahead of Titanfall 2’s release or at least around the same time.

This mobile game delivers a real-time multiplayer experience where you can employ Titans in the arena to crush your opponents. You can customize and upgrade your cards while using hundreds of different pilots. We know that there will be a guild system so this should make the social experience interesting. Click here to be redirected to the game on Google Play if you are an Android user. You can pre-register for Titanfall: Frontline by clicking here.

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