Modern Combat 5 – Compete In The New Rush Mode With Update 2.1

Gameloft is still keeping Modern Combat 5: Blackout [Free] alive with new modes, customizations, and maps. Just recently, a new update (2.1) has been released which includes a new game mode, new armors, and weaponry. After having tested out this new update, we actually like the new mode.

Rush is the name of the new mode and it is quite a strange name for a mode. However, Gameloft boasts that it is the most strategic game mode yet! Now whether that’s true can be controversial to some. What this mode offers basically is a best of 5 rounds situation. Players spawn at the start of a round and have 15 seconds to purchase power-up before the round begins.

Once time is up, you will see your objective on the minimap and game world for both teams becomes visible. Your team will have to take control of the relay zone that’s located at the center of each map. At the end of a round, the team holding the objective wins or you can also win by killing the entire team on the opposing side. Most of you will probably just go for the kill but do try to complete the objective from time to time.

Furthermore, the new update includes the Vulcan Armor and the Shibing Armor. If you are into armor collection, then these are your two new targets. Gameloft has also decreased the number of players required to participate in a Squad Battle from 4 down to 3. This is a great move and opens opportunity for smaller squads to join in.

There is also a new Tier 7 Turret added. This static shotgun turret can cause devastating damage when placed on the floor or ceiling. Moreover, now you can utilize your Diamond Dust to try out fully upgraded weapons without buying them. This may be a negative move since it will empower people that can spend more. Finally, strafe and run speed values have been adjusted based on the older updates. You can watch a more detailed video about this update below.

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