Minecraft: Pocket Edition – The Boss Update To Launch October 18th

With Minecon taking place yesterday, a lot of information has been announced in regards to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. We now know that The Boss Update (0.16) will be released on October 18th. This update will add new bosses such as the underwater Elder Guardian and the triple-headed Wither from the Story Mode game. Scared already? You should be.

There’s more to this update as well, you can expect ocean monuments to explore, blocks, beacons, and slash commands in order to summon mobs, teleport, change time, and even alter the weather. With Realms, you will be able to import and export worlds too. Furthermore, Add-Ons are expected to be implemented as an initial stage towards more customization possibility. You can see a demonstration of these Add-Ons by watching the video below.


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