Ire: Blood Memory – The Hardcore Action RPG Launches Worldwide

Tenbirds Corp is probably one of the most talented mobile gaming companies in the industry. You can come to such a conclusion simply by playing their hardcore action RPG title, Ire: Blood Memory [Free]. The game was soft launched back in 2015 and we had the honor of interviewing the CEO of Tenbirds Corp. Today, the game is being released worldwide and is already out on Google Play. It should be available on the App Store by September 29th.

Dark Souls players from console would immediately feel at home with Ire: Blood Memory. This is not a game for the uninitiated, you will have to die many times in order to learn the tactics of survival. With the game’s launch, new content has been added to the already immersive experience. Now, the game includes a new World Boss and Rift Boss. Chat has been integrated into the game to enhance the social experience.

Furthermore, you will notice that the visual effects for weapons have been improved. The user interface has now been adjusted, the mini-map changed, and the currency limit increased. Moreover, Poise Gauge which causes stagger when full and Devastate which is a charged hit have been incorporated. There’s also a new weapon (Dual Wields), a Black Market, and countless optimizations implemented.

With this recent launch, the developers have executed dramatical changes into the game that will improve your experience significantly. We are big fans of Ire: Blood Memory due to its massive monsters, game difficulty, gorgeous graphics, and the mythology that its world is built upon. Click here to listen to our interview with the CEO of Tenbirds. You can watch the latest cinematic teaser for this game below.

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