Banner Saga 2: A Viking Adventure RPG – Out Now

Stoic Studios’ successful franchise, The Banner Saga, has been one of the most unique series in the RPG genre. First released in 2014, it brought to life the Viking experience in a truly innovative way. Now, The Banner Saga 2 [$4.99] is out on the App Store and this should excite a vast amount of players anticipating it. The game comes with an award winning story that takes you on an emotional journey in a devastated world.

You will lead your Viking clans through hostile lands and the decisions you will be forced to make will test the nature of your leadership. Strategy is very well embedded in this title where you get to manage resources necessary for your people’s survival and engage in battles that are impossible to avoid. The gorgeous graphics of the game are hand-drawn and this speaks volumes about the quality of its visuals.

If you played the first episode of this saga then you can continue your story based on the choices you made. However, if you are a new player then you can start from the beginning. What really differentiates this game from other RPG titles is its focus on Viking mythology and the unusual world that you get to delve into. Furthermore, the strategy side of it is based on turn-based battles where losing a vital character will have a heartfelt consequence on you.

Being an RPG title, the game allows you to upgrade characters and unlock moves that can be handy in battles. The Banner Saga 2 adds new characters and a new race called the Horseborn which will render your adventure even more interesting than before. This is a true masterpiece that we highly recommend for those of you that love RPG, Strategy, Adventure, and Vikings. You can watch the launch trailer for this game below.

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