Clash Royale – The Inferno Dragon Has Been Released

For those of you, Clash Royale grinders, that have been waiting for the next legendary card to be revealed, wait no longer! Supercell has just released the Inferno Dragon which seems to share similarities with the Inferno Tower. The difference is that the Inferno Dragon has a shorter range and his attack becomes stronger as time passes.

The legendary card comes with an HP of 950 and 75-875 Damage Per Second. Within the first two seconds, the Inferno Dragon deals 75 DPS and the damage rate increases every two seconds. It can be extremely powerful if ignored but the best way to counter it is with small units. According to some gameplays we viewed, the Inferno Dragon can take down a tower within 6 – 9 seconds! You can watch a great video about the Inferno Dragon below.

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