Battlefield Companion – Expand Upon Your Battlefield 1 Experience

Most gamers are probably waiting for Battlefield 1 to launch on October 21st of this year. While we wish it would come to the mobile platform, this is not the case. However, Electronic Arts are working on updating their current Battlelog [Free] app which will be renamed into Battlefield Companion. The updated app will feature a career section for Battlefield 1 players where you can compare your achievements to your friends.

It will also allow you to customize your character and loadouts without having to use your console. Thank God for mobile apps! With this new update, you can expect a more ergonomic user interface. It is expected to be released this fall but more information will be provided once we learn more. And Electronic Arts, you might want to consider a new Battlefield shooter game for mobile gamers because we are still hoping for one. To our readers, vote below on whether you would like to see a Battlefield mobile game in the future.

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