Hitman: Absolution – Now Available For Nvidia Shield Users

On October of 2015, we wrote an article about the new service that Nvidia Shield users have access to, the GeForce NOW, Nvidia’s game streaming service. This was an amazing opportunity for mobile gamers to experience console games on their Shield device for just a subscription fee of $7.99 per month following an initial 3 month free trial. The service already has countless console games available and now they have added the stealth action game, Hitman: Absolution.

Of course, if you are a fan of the Hitman series, you will be able to play with Agent 47 in this fifth instalment, arguably one of the best in the franchise. One of the best feature about it is its immersive and emotional plot that’s based on betrayal and absolution (hence the name). It is hailed for its gorgeous visuals powered by the 2nd-gen Glacier 2 graphics engine and for the freedom you get in causing mayhem in the Hitman world.

Most of the complaints were regarding the game’s checkpoint system which some deemed to be frustrating but the pros definitely override the cons in this amazing experience that Hitman: Absolution provides. The ways of which you can assassinate your targets become numerous and your creativity will add bloodshed to the formula. You can impersonate a certain worker, sneak your way behind enemy lines, using the art of distraction for your benefit, or even the long-time strategy of divide and conquer.

In its essence, Hitman: Absolution lives up to your expectations of what a Hitman game is likely to be. Yet, it also includes the enhanced graphics, atmospheric situations, captivating plot, and a well-crafted thriller world. While we would love this game on all mobile devices, we are satisfied to know that the Nvidia Shield, which is part of the mobile family, is now able to run this spectacular game. You can watch the cinematic trailer for this title below.

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