Clash of Clans – The October Update Revealed

Another anticipated update coming to Clash of Clans this month, dubbed the October Update. This time the update focuses on delving into the Town Hall 11 experience and changing some Clan Wars functions. They will also introduce a level 7 Wizard at Town Hall 10 which is clearly a powerful troop. The level 6 Wizard will be available at Town Hall 9 instead of 10, with an increase in HP and Damage.

New Troop Levels – Image Sourced From Supercell’s Twitter Page

Furthermore, a new level 5 Baby Dragon is coming to Town Hall 11 while the level 4 Baby Dragon will become available at Town Hall 10 instead. In regards to spells, cloned troops from cloned spells wil be able to stay much longer on the battlefield. As for defenses, you will welcome a level 10 Mortar at Town Hall 11 while Supercell will increase damage to the level 8 & 9 Mortars. In addition, a new level 9 Hidden Tesla will be introduced to Town Hall 11 but will not be able to cause double damage to the P.E.K.K.A anymore.

New Defense Levels – Image Sourced From Supercell’s Twitter Page

To those of you who love Skeletons, now you will see more Skeletons spawn but at a longer speed. We also mentioned changes coming to Clan Wars; with the new update you will earn a partial War Win Bonus when you fail an attack and it will not be reduced when you attack lower Town Hall levels. And finally, stronger targets in war are worth more Clan XP, up to a maximum of 10XP! You can watch how level 7 Wizard performs as demonstrated by Galadon Gaming in the video below.

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