Invisible Inc.: A Tactical Stealth Game – Out Now

The makers of Don’t Starve have just released a new turn-based strategy game with stealth elements for the iPad! This new title, Invisible Inc. [$4.99], was originally released in 2015 for the PC and console platforms. It is great to see Klei Entertainment bring their console titles to mobile, especially considering that the prices considerably drop for mobile gamers.

Invisible Inc. gives you control of agents that will attempt to infiltrate the most dangerous corporations in the world. That’s where stealth and strategy come into play. You will have to be precise and careful with every move you make because one small mistake may come at the price of one of your agent’s life. The game features 10 unlockable agents with 6 variants and 6 starting programs to hack into corporate security. When it comes to customizations, there’s a lot of content that you can utilize from agents & items to augments & programs.

The world of Invisible Inc. is randomly generated. Therefore, each time you will be entering into an unpredictable environment and you will have to adapt to new threats and changes. Furthermore, there are 5 different game modes which you can explore. When it was released on other platforms, it was very well received, so we expect mobile gamers to love this new game. While it is exclusive for the iPad at the moment, it may come to iPhone eventually, just look at how Don’t Starve jumped from the iPad to iPhone. You can watch the launch trailer for this game below.

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