Mafia 3: Rivals – Out Now Worldwide

Mafia 3: Rivals [Free] has just been released worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. Since the third instalment in the series, Mafia 3, has been released for console, 2k & Cat Daddy decided to release a mobile version of the highly anticipated console game. The developers also mentioned that mobile gamers can expect more content coming from the console version in future updates.

Mafia 3: Rivals puts you in the shoes of a gangster in the 1960’s New Orleans-inspired New Bordeaux. Your job will be to take down rival gangs and to rule the city. The difference between the console and mobile versions is not in the plot, but in the gameplay. Mafia 3 is a classic shooter with an open world experience, while Mafia 3: Rivals features an RPG-styled combat experience.

The mobile version includes 40 recognizable crime lords that are found in the console counterpart. In addition, there are plenty of weaponry and items from the Mafia 3 world available. What is exciting about the mobile version is that it delivers quite an exciting world where you get to recruit crime bosses, collect loot, clash with enemy gangs, and even take over their property. You can watch the launch trailer for this game below.

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