Batman: The Telltale Series – Children of Arkham (Episode 2) Is Now Available

Children of Arkham, the 2nd Episode of Batman: The Telltale Series [$4.99] is now available! If you have played the first episode then you probably have been waiting for this one on the edge of your seat. Children of Arkham, which can be purchased for $4.99, delves into the history of the Wayne family where untold secrets will be uncovered. In this episode, Bruce will attempt to reconcile with his past and better understand the reasons that lead to his father’s death.

According to the PC & console gamers that already played this episode, it was a phenomenal experience that gave more insight into Batman as a person. The narrative is getting quite a clear direction with Children of Arkham and we strongly think that you won’t be disappointed. Currently, it is available for iOS but will come soon to Android. You can watch the official trailer for Episode 2 below.

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