ChronoBlade: From The Makers Of Diablo 2 – Soft Launched

We don’t often say that we are dying to play a certain game, but now we are. From the creators of Diablo 2 comes a new title, ChronoBlade. The game was initially released in 2012 for Facebook and will be released to iOS & Android by Netmarble very soon. It is currently soft launched in Canada for those that want to test it out. However, let us tell you why this game is quite unique to the point that we are madly anticipating it.

The hack ‘n’ slash RPG comes with a fascinating story. It takes place in the Multiverse where numerous Earths possibly exist. Each reality in the Multiverse has been invaded by Chronarch Imperium’s army. In the wake of these invasions, a faction named ChronoBlade was founded to fight against Chronarchs Imperium and defend reality.

The developers promise hundreds of battles that you can engage in with many hours of gameplay which features omnidirection movement and multiple attack styles. With a large-scale world built upon fantasy and sci-fi elements, you will unite four heroes from different worlds across the Multiverse, each with over 20 unique moves and powers. Furthermore, there will be a real-time PvP with different multiplayer modes where you can join practice matches or even compete against other heroes from around the world.

With over 2000 unique items in the game, you will be able to alter your hero’s appearance and customize your character to meet your personality. If you feel excited about this game then you can pre-register for it to be notified about its launch by clicking here. Watch the video below to learn more about ChronoBlade‘s plot.

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