Clash of Clans – Recent Update Adds New Troop Levels, Friendly Wars, & More

And here comes the new update to Clash of Clans [Free]! As discussed before, there are several features we were expecting. Now we have new troop levels for the Baby Dragon (level 5), Dragon (level 6), and Wizard (level 7). New defense levels have now become available for the Hidden Tesla (level 9), Mortar (level 10), and X-Bow. Did we mention that there is a new Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8? They explode in a small radius when an enemy destroys them, thus causing damage to melee troops.

New Bomb Tower – Image Sourced From

Furthermore, Quick Train has been incorporated for a faster and simple training experience. Also, you have Friendly Wars which allow you to challenge other clans in a custom war. You can choose the duration for the preparation and battle days, select the participants, and request Clan Challenge when ready. Go update the game if you are excited about all these new changes. You can watch a video below demonstrating the Friendly Wars feature.

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