Modern Combat Versus – Teaser Trailer Revealed

Unbelievable! We got our first look at Modern Combat Versus today with Gameloft’s Winter Trailer. We have talked about this game for a long time and it feels great to see that it is almost finished. The video that Gameloft released shows their upcoming games, including some gameplay from Modern Combat Versus. As predicted, the graphics look much better, the maps seem bigger, and there are more particles in the background.

It was interesting to see that soldiers were somewhat gliding on walls which reminded us of the game Crysis due to their fast-paced movement. In the teaser trailer you also see a detailed armor for the Assault Class which suggests that the game will include armors, almost similar in concept to Modern Combat 5: Blackout. We truly hope that the game is not pay-2-win because this will create a controversy within the community that has been anticipating it for so long.

Finally, we believe that Modern Combat Versus will be free-to-play due to a past Gameloft statement on future games. Therefore, everyone will get the chance to grab this amazing FPS when it is released. You can expect a longer trailer for this game to be released in the near future as it is supposed to launch later this year. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Modern Combat Versus. Don’t forget to check out the teaser trailer for this game below.

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