Which FPS Title Will Be Leading The Genre In 2017?

There are three anticipated first person shooters that people are excited about: Critical Ops, Modern Combat Versus, & Shadowgun: Legends. The first has already been soft launched in the majority of countries and should be available worldwide by 2017; the second is expected to be released later this year; and the third is set to be launched within the first 3 months in the upcoming year.

All three games are fascinating titles but only one will be the leader of the FPS genre in 2017. Today, we will analyze all three and allow you, the reader, to make a decision. It is too early of course to judge the latter two games since they have not been released so we will have to base our judgement on speculation and experience with the previous titles that these companies have released.

Critical Ops – Critical Force Entertainment

Critical Ops first became available as an open beta in September of 2015. Critical Force Entertainment gave us access to the game at a very early period and at the time, we gave it a very positive review for its skill-based experience. The game has been developed and improved since then with new maps and features that have rendered it to a viable eSports title for the FPS genre. The developers continue to promise that it will never become a pay-2-win game.

Modern Combat Versus – Gameloft

Modern Combat Versus is the sequel to Modern Combat 5: Blackout, a game that launched with great success to an already excited community. It wouldn’t be a mad statement to say that the majority of FPS players have been or still are fans of the Modern Combat series. Gameloft was the first developer to create the best FPS franchise for mobile devices and the Modern Combat brand resembles what a console experience would be like on a mobile device. After the revelation of the Modern Combat Versus‘ trailer, it has brought back nostalgia to those that abandoned the series before.

Shadowgun: Legends – Madfinger Games

Shadowgun: Legends is the next big thing to be released by Madfinger Games, a developer that holds high standards when it comes to a game’s graphics. While we have seen a vague trailer, a short gameplay, and limited screenshots of this game; it looks beautiful beyond belief. When Shadowgun: Deadzone was released in 2012, it was one of the best online shooters for mobile devices and as old as it is, it still competes with current titles. However, Shadowgun: Legends will be a new game with an FPS approach that’s tailored to become an astonishing eSports-friendly experience.

When looking at each of the aforementioned games, the community has always compared them to console counterparts. Critical Ops was often compared to Counter-Strike; Modern Combat series was usually compared to the Call of Duty franchise; while Shadowgun was likened to the Gears of War & Halo series. With what you now know about these three games, which one would you predict to become the leader of the FPS genre in 2017? Cast your vote below.

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