Clash Royale – The Graveyard Spell To Arrive Soon

If you thought Supercell is taking a break from spicing up Clash Royale, then you are wrong! There is an interesting legendary spell card that’s coming within the next 11 days called the Graveyard. This 5 Elixir spell can be deployed anywhere in the Arena and it will unleash Skeletons to attack at will. They will be at level 9 spawning at the speed of 0.5 seconds with a duration of 10 seconds. This card will be very effective in halting big and strong troops such as the Giant or Prince.

While the Skeletons can be countered by the Arrows, a good strategy would be to use a Mirror and deploy them on any structure you aim to destroy. This card can also be used as a defense mechanism such as distracting the Inferno Dragon or other invading troops. If the Graveyard card is used against you, Poison would be a lethal card against spawning Skeletons. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Clash Royale.

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