Silicon Valley: Billionaire – Out Now

Ever wanted to build a company from scratch and become successful? If that’s you, then you will immediately fall in love with Silicon Valley: Billionaire [Free]. This is one of the best business simulator games we have played and we highly recommend it. Before you blindly download it, let us tell you why it is unique. The game provides a real-time online experience where you act as the CEO of your company and make decisions to enhance your status and increase your company’s profit.

You will have rival companies that you can acquire and even the possibility of hiring & firing employees. The game tests your morality by giving you the choice to backstab your friends for selfish needs or put friendship above anything else. There is also a stock market which you can invest in and profit from other companies. Once you build up your wealth, you can enjoy life with helicopters, swimming pools, and everything you ever dreamed of. What kind of businessman will you be? That’s what Silicon Valley: Billionaire will help you discover.

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