Critical Ops – Globally Released For iOS

Finally, Critical Ops [Free] has launched worldwide for iOS. The leading FPS title has been the centre of eSports tournaments since the start of 2016 and countless iOS users have been waiting for it to become available on their local App Store. The wait is over and the action has begun. One of the most attractive feature about this game is that it is not pay-2-win, rendering it the most skill-based first person shooter in the market.

Being praised by many as the Counter-Strike of mobile, the game delivers four maps, two game modes, and a cross platform experience. The maps include: Bureau, Canals, Legacy, and Plaza. The two game modes are Defuse The Bomb & Team Deathmatch. With a well-designed game store incorporated, you can only purchase customizations for your weaponry and profile that do not affect your skills whatsoever, making it a beloved game among competitive players.

Finally, the game is currently undergoing eSports tournaments hosted by MOBILE ESPORTS which you can visit by clicking here. If you are in any way a competitive FPS player looking for a serious challenge on the mobile platform, then look no further because Critical Ops has what it takes to live up to your standards. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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