Pokemon GO – Elements From Pokemon Sun & Moon May Be Coming

Pokemon fans worldwide are familiar with the Pokemon games that were released on Nintendo gaming consoles. Whether its Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Ruby, or even the anticipated Pokemon Sun & Moon. We all, at some point, hoped that Pokemon GO would include similarities to these games that we have been playing for quite a long time.

According to a recent interview by GameInformer with Junichi Masuda, the producer & director of Pokemon Sun & Moon, we learned of interesting possibilities that might come to Pokemon GO. For those that are unaware, he also worked on several Pokemon GO mechanics. Junichi Masuda voiced his wishes to see some kind of connectivity between Pokemon GO and other Pokemon titles.

The iDigital Times reports that Junichi Masuda & Shigeru Ohmori suggested that we are likely to see a connection between Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun & Moon. However, they will ensure that this connection does not change the essence of either game and that the balance between each remains steady. These are interesting developments and we look forward to see what surprises Ninentdo & Niantic have in store. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Pokemon GO.

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