Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare – An Endless Run From Evil

Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare [Free] was launched today and it certainly lives up to its name. In fact, Boomdash Digital attempted to base this game on the 2013 Evil Dead remake and they did a great job in creating quite the unnerving atmosphere. This game is an endless runner from a first person perspective and reminds us a lot of a similar game called Into the Dead.

You start in a creepy house in an evil forest where you attempt to escape from an army of Deadites that are out to kill you. If a Deadite tries to attack you then you can punch them as you run and even collect numerous weaponry along the way by completing missions. If you have watched the movie then you will notice familiar characters and locations in the game which we as fans of the Evil Dead franchise can appreciate.

Since Halloween is coming closer, this would be another great horror game to consider playing. Visually, it is stunning and the environment draws you into a chilling experience, especially if your lights are turned off. We made the mistake of playing it at night and… Well, it didn’t go well for us so we won’t comment on what happened. Finally, stay tuned with our website for the latest news on mobile gaming.

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