The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land – Events From Season 7 Will Be Included

With Season 7 debuting yesterday, fans of The Walking Dead TV Series are probably still traumatized from what happened. It was without a doubt the most brutal and bloodiest episode yet. Luckily, it has been confirmed that AMC’s official mobile game, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land [Free], will be getting events and elements from Season 7 as the episodes come out every Monday.

Therefore, if you play the mobile game then you will notice locations, characters, and events from the new episodes appear in the game. That’s definitely a masterpiece. Negan is one of these characters obviously and the characters he killed might die in the game as well. And if you thought that Negan is a little less evil in the game than the series, then you are wrong. You can watch a video for the Season 7 additions to the mobile game below.

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