Hitman: Sniper – Why Use A Sniper When You Got A Crossbow?

If you thought Agent 47 was deadly with a sniper, then imagine what he can do with a crossbow. In fact, there is no need to imagine because now you can play with a crossbow in Hitman: Sniper‘s Halloween update. This game is one of the best sniper games available for mobile and with the new content added, it only gets better. Now, you have a Halloween themed environment with special costumes for all the high profile targets in the game.

There is also a limited edition crossbow with interesting abilties. For instance, you can send your enemies flying for more domino kills, make your victim’s ghost your ally, and even shoot a volley of bolts to take out as many targets as possible. In addition, you will notice that the Montenegro mansion has been redecorated for Halloween and even the music in the game is now more atmospheric. You can watch the original trailer for this game below.

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