Plague Inc. – The Shadow Plague Update Is Out Now

The Shadow Plague Update for Plague Inc. [$0.99] has now been released worldwide. In an update after another, Ndemic Creations have introduced the deadliest of diseases for you to explore. With this update, things get a whole lot bloodier. Now, this beauty brings a whole new angle to the game by introducing bloodlust and vampirism! Just when you thought things won’t get any uglier.

With Shadow Plague, you control a vampire and manage his survival. You can even transform him into a flying bat to build lairs that function as portals and even produce DNA. If your true identity and intentions are discovered, the human race will try to eradicate you, so be sure to lure as many human followers as possible to work for you in order to counter the attacks coming from the Templars and the World Health Organization.

That’s not all, there are new world events added along with this update such as BREXIT. You will be able to decide whether the United Kingdom leaves the EU or remains. If you are British then you know that you must check it out. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Plague Inc.

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