Zombie Anarchy: Gameloft’s Latest Strategy Survival Game – Out Now

Gradually, we are noticing that new Gameloft titles are coming out. Just hours ago we announced that Asphalt Xtreme was soft launched and now Zombie Anarchy [Free] has been released. This game delivers a combat strategy experience where you annihilate all zombies in your vicinity and protect skilled survivors that can help your cause.

You will have your own camp which you must defend since resources are scarce. However, there are other camps which you can raid because this is all about survival. Survivors are important and each comes with a background story but remember that not everyone is the person that they claim to be. Perhaps, some might have their own agendas.

It does come with an online side to it, for example, you can raid other players from around the world for resources and glory. With resources, you can upgrade your structures and survivors to be more prepared against potential invaders. Zombie Anarchy will require an internet connection to be accessible. As for devices, you will need an iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4s or later, and iPod Touch 5 or later. You can watch the official release trailer for this game below.

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