Batman: The Telltale Series – New World Order (Episode 3) Is Now Available

Surprisingly, Episode 3 of Batman: The Telltale Series [$4.99] has just launched and it’s called New World Order – what a catchy name! This episode can be purchased for $4.99 which is the standard price for all Telltale episodes. PC and Console gamers received Episode 3 just two days ago and we are seeing the episodes come to mobile faster than before which is fascinating.

Spoiler Alert! New World Order features several classic villains. One of the villains that you will have to deal with is Harvey Dent’s alter ego, Two-Face. Remember him and his coin flipping obsession? We won’t say more than that so we don’t spoil the fun for you but if you want to know more then you are welcome to watch the trailer for Episode 3 below.

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