Marvel Future Fight – Doctor Strange Arrives With The New Update

Marvel fans unite! Since Marvel’s Doctor Strange has now become a cinema sensation, Marvel decided to introduce him to Marvel Future Fight [Free] in the recently released update. The film itself has been premiered in Hong Kong and elsewhere but is planned for release on November 4th in the United States. Now, this update brings 8 new characters with 4 of them having costumes inspired from the movie.

The 8 characters are Doctor Strange, Mordo, Wong, Kaecilius, The Ancient One, Clea, Satana, & Hellstrom. The first four characters listed are the ones with the inspired costumes from the Doctor Strange movie. There are also new epic quests that reveal more about Doctor Strange and if completed can reward you with Tier-2 characters. You also have new content from Shadowland, a King of the Hill mode.

Finally, who is Doctor Strange? Once a successful neurosurgeon, his hands were destroyed following a car accident that prohibited him from continuing his career. After searching for a way to recover his ability to perform surgery, he meets The Ancient One, an old powerful sorcerer. Doctor Strange learns the mystical arts and then moves to his new mansion in New York City where he delves deeper into sorcery and becomes named Sorcerer Supreme. You can watch the trailer for this update below.

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