Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode 1 Is Now Free On Google Play

While many have already played Batman: The Telltale Series, there are countless that haven’t. A major reason is probably that the game is more than they can afford since it was priced at $4.99. However, we have good news, specifically for Android users. Episode 1 (Realm of Shadows) is now available for free on Google Play! Since Android users have been waiting for a very long time, Telltale wanted to make the game’s debut special. Click here to be redirected so you can grab the game you wanted most.

Batman: The Telltale Series has a high-profile cast that literally bring the game to life. Troy Baker takes the role of Bruce Wayne in the game; he is well known for voice acting as Siris in Infinity Blade, James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2, and Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins. Travis Willingham takes the role of Harvey Dent; he is well known for voice acting as Superman in Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Green Goblin in Marvel Heroes.

Furthermore, there are more notable voice actors that are worth mentioning. Erin Yvette (The Wolf Among Us) takes the role of Vicki Vale, Enn Reitel (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) takes the role of Alfred Pennyworth, Murphy Guyer (Red Dead Redemption) takes the role of Lieutenant James Gordon, Richard McGonagle (Uncharted) takes the role of Carmine Falcone, and Laura Bailey (World of Warcraft) takes the role of Selina Kyle.

Finally, you get to play as Bruce and Batman in this unique game where decisions differ and interests clash between these two personas. It has been a wonderful experience for us when we played it although there may have been some bugs that were an issue to many. Regardless of the imperfections, you will enjoy the adventure that this game has to offer. If you are an Android user, then you will need to have the latest operating system and a decent device to run this game. You can watch the world premiere trailer for this title below.

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