Clash Royale – The Graveyard Spell Is Now Available

The Graveyard Spell has been made available in Clash Royale and it is one interesting card to have. This 5 Elixir spell can be deployed anywhere in the Arena and it will unleash Skeletons to attack at will. They are at level 9 spawning at the speed of 0.5 seconds with a duration of 10 seconds. This card is very effective in halting big and strong troops such as the Giant or Prince.

While the Skeletons can be countered by the Arrows, a good strategy would be to use a Mirror and deploy them on any structure you aim to destroy. This card can also be used as a defense mechanism such as distracting the Inferno Dragon or other invading troops. If the Graveyard card is used against you, Poison would be a lethal card against spawning Skeletons. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Clash Royale.

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