Final Fantasy New – A Mystery Game To Be Unveiled In 3 Days

While this article is about yet another new Final Fantasy game, we know that you are not bored of them. You know what? Neither are we! On their website, Square Enix has teased a new mystery game that will be unveiled in 3 days. Surprisingly, the game is being dubbed as Final Fantasy New which does make us wonder why this name was selected.

Luckily, this game will be available for iOS & Android, so don’t worry Android users. The nature of this game remains mysterious as Square Enix has not shared any details about it. If you go on the website, by clicking here, you will hear soothing music and see a wonderful artwork created by Yoshitaka Amano, popular for his illustrations in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Finally, Takashi Tokita who’s been the lead designer for Final Fantasy IV and director of Crono Trigger, has left a teaser note on the website describing Final Fantasy New saying: ”Final Fantasy is about characters filled with human appeal. About dramatic battles of anger & sadness. And more than anything, we should not forget that it is about fantasy.” These are the elements that we expect to see in the upcoming game that has been teased. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Final Fantasy.

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