Final Fantasy Legends II – Square Enix Teases Their New Mystery Game

Do you know how excited you feel when you unwrap a present but then discover there is another surprise box inside that you have to unwrap? That’s exactly what Square Enix has done today. In the process of unveiling their mystery game they released a new trailer, but the trailer only shrouds the game in even more mystery! The name announced was Final Fantasy Legends II, which seems to be a sequel to the Japan exclusive game called Final Fantasy Legends: The Crystal of Time & Space.

Internationally, the series is known as Final Fantasy Dimensions and is called Final Fantasy Legends in Japan only. This means that this game will be released for the Japanese App Store & Google Play first. It will most likely be released globally under the name of Final Fantasy Dimensions II at a later time. What we know so far is that this game is a rebirth for the series as described by Takashi Tokita, the lead designer of Final Fantasy 4.

Since the official website allows you to pre-register to get items following the game’s launch, it does seem like it will follow the freemium model. There are items which you can obtain via pre-registration such as Tidus’ Phantom Stone which can be found in Final Fantasy 10. Finally, you can watch the teaser trailer for Final Fantasy Legends II below.

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