Midnight Star: Renegade – PvP Update To Be Released This Thursday

One of the more creative FPS games is Midnight Star: Renegade [Free], a title where you can go as far as flying to avoid your enemy. Yet, it is about to get even better with its new update that’s coming this Thursday. With the new Versus Mode, you will be able to engage in asynchronous PvP and face off against other players but not in real-time. It may not be what you wanted but it’s at least a some sort competitiveness they are adding.

You will be able to join arenas and attempt to earn the highest points in order to progress on the ranking system. If only they included multiplayer in real-time, the experience would be phenomenal on a game such as Midnight Star: Renegade. If you are a fan of this game then keep an eye out for the update to come out tomorrow!

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