World of Tanks Blitz – A Brief Look At The November Update

World of Tanks Blitz [Free] has become quite a beautiful game with all the updates pouring in. Just recently, update 3.3 was released to fix several problems and introduce interesting features. Wargaming has incorporated Valiant Effort, a feature which rewards the best performers on a losing team with more Credits & XP. It can be quite annoying if you are a talented player stuck in a losing team. Now, you will feel more of an achiever even if your team loses.

In addition, there is the Verdun Forest, the first player-created camouflage, reworked Mines, and improvements to several maps. You will also notice that the Halloween version of Rockfield is no longer available. A big addition is the new Tournament system which features a Tournament chart that displays current and previous tournaments for Round-Robin & Single Elimination. To learn more about this update’s changes and additions, click here.

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