DC Legends: Lead Great Champions To Battle – Out Now

The Super-Villain Nekron has unleashed the darkness of the Blackest Night prophecy on the world, and you will have to join your favorite Super-Heroes like Batman & Superman to save the world. With DC Legends [Free] being released, you can now experience strategy RPG on a more entertaining level than you have before. Your characters can be upgraded, so be sure that they meet the highest criteria when it comes to skills and abilities.

The game will have a story-driven campaign along with PvP. What’s cool about it is that you can team up unlikely allies such as Batman & Joker, and many other rivals together. Each character will have unique abilities such as Superman’s Heat Vision and Bizarro’s Flame Breath. With a cinematic experience and gorgeous graphics, you will explore the authenticity of the DC world.

Are you interested in using amazing super powers by your favorite characters? Then this is the game for you. When building up your ideal team, be sure to align some of the long-time enemies together. It will be interesting to see them fight together for a common cause. You can watch the official trailer for DC Legends below.

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