Asphalt Xtreme – Out Now Worldwide

Yes ladies & gentlemen, it is true! Asphalt Xtreme [Free] is out now worldwide! How do we differentiate this Asphalt title from its predecessors? Well, to answer that precisely, let’s just say: No Roads & No Rules. You want to roam the canyons, drift across the mud, or fly past your rivals? Have at it boss! Although, let us look closer at what the game truly offers.

You will have access to 35 monster vehicles such as trucks, rally cars, or even SUV’s. With all the top brands at your disposal like Jeep, Ford, and others, you will experience the off-road madness throughout different environments across the globe such as the Nile Valley of Egypt, Jungles of Phukey in Thailand, and more. But here is the best part that we have all been waiting for, real-time multiplayer!

You can face off against 8 other online players in Free-For-All mode and customize your vehicle to standout from your opponents. With 5 game modes, over 400 career events, 500 challenges to master, and a lot more surprises; you will experience this Asphalt title like no other. Click here to find it on the App Store. You can watch the world premiere trailer for this game below.

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