F1 2016: An Official Formula One Game – Out Now

The Codemasters Team has finally released their anticipated Formula One game, F1 2016 [$9.99]. Originally, this title was announced during the Apple Keynote and it definitely excited a lot of gamers at the time. With the introduction of iPhone 7, the game has been designed to take advantage of the A10 Chip to bring about a console level experience. It was first released for the Consoles & PC in August of this year, receiving an incredible score of 9/10.

You will race in 21 classic circuits and play with iconic drivers from the Formula One championships, mainly this year’s. What’s unique about this game is that it offers a deep career mode that spans up to 10 seasons. The experience is so detailed that you get to work with your agent and engineer throughout the game. And what stands out about this Formula One title is its multiplayer mode which features up to 22 players. Exciting, isn’t it?

Being the official Formula One game for this year, the visual details on F1 2016 cannot be compared to any racing game we have seen. It truly surpasses and leads its genre in a way we haven’t seen before. The game requires at least 2.67GB of free space so make sure to have that before buying the game. You can check the launch trailer for this game below.

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