Vainglory: Flicker Update (1.24) – New Hero, Broadcasting Feature, & More

While we get excited about each Vainglory update, this one is a little bit more special! Update 1.24 introduces a new hero, new skins, broadcasting option, and changes. Flicker, the new hero, is a sneaky trickster and certainly looks like one. He can disrupt his foes’ abilities and even use his stealth abilities to protect his entire team.

Shiro Kage Taka (Tier III) – Image Sourced From

Let’s take a look at Flicker’s perks based on their precise description:

  • Willow Whisper – Flicker gains stealth and a move speed bonus when in brush for a short duration. Flicker can then leave the brush and remain stealthed for a time. Taking damage or using abilities removes stealth.
  • Binding Light – Flicker commands his fairies to swarm a target location, dealing damage to enemies standing within it. When the effect expires, fairy light roots any enemy heroes still within the area.
  • Fairy Dust – Flicker swirls fairy dust around him, slowing and dealing damage to anyone inside the dusted area. After a short duration, the dust ignites, dealing a burst of damage.
  • Mooncloak – Flicker and his allies temporarily gain stealth and a move speed bonus. The stealth will break when a hero uses an ability, attacks or takes damage.

These are useful moves, especially Flicker’s ultimate attack as it can lead to strategic teamwork. We also mentioned new skins have been released: Shito Kage Taka (Tier III), SorrowBlade Glaive (Tier II), Bakuto Ringo (Special Edition), Red Lantern Koshka (Special Edition), and Killer Bunny Rona (Special Edition). Speaking of skins, the Autumn Map skin returns and we sure did miss it.

SorrowBlade Glaive (Tier II) – Image Sourced From

In this update, Super Evil Megacorp has added a Broadcasting option which allows you to record and stream directly from your device. You can even capture your favorite replay moments, save them, and share with your friends. Finally, there have been changes to the Jungle Quests which can now be completed against in bot modes. You can watch the new hero’s spotlight below.

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