Clash Royale: A Closer Look At The Tornado Spell – Out Now

We have all been waiting for the Tornado card to become available in Clash Royale but wait no more because now it is available! The Tornado drags enemy troops to the center of the Tornado as it causes constant damage to the target. It only affects troops and has no effect on buildings whatsoever, so use it wisely. The Epic Spell costs 3 Elixir with 44 Damage Per Second. While its duration is only for 3 seconds, it is very damaging when used in the right circumstances.

The strategic way to use the Tornado is ideally for defense. If you get a powerful unit coming to your tower that is being protected by other units, then the Tornado will separate them from each other and drag them to the center where they will get shot at and distracted. Keep in mind that the units pulled by Tornado will still be capable of attacking you so do not take their demise for granted! You can see the Tornado in action in the video below.

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