Minecraft: Pocket Edition – The Ender Update Is Coming Soon

Mojang dropped a surprising bomb about a new update that is coming. The next big update will be version 1.0 and it will include The End and its memorable inhabitants, such as The Ender Dragon! Many have been waiting for this cosmic moment where you stand against this beast and slay him once and for all. Then you can continue doing whatever you have been doing in Minecraft all these years.

In this update, the Minecraft world will increase in height to 256 blocks and also you will get the new Elytra (wings) which will allow you to float as a bird to appreciate your buildings. In addition, since the game is launching for the Apple TV soon, it will launch featuring version 1.0. This is not the end of updates for Minecraft of course, there are more to come in the future. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

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