The Dresden Files: Cooperative Card Game – Coming 2017

You may or may have not heard of The Dresden Files but we will tell you about it just in case you haven’t. The Dresden FIles is a contemporary fantasy & mystery series written by Jim Butcher. What made the novels unique is that they were written from the first person perspective where you are in the shoes of private investigator & wizard, Harry Dresden. Harry investigates the paranormal cases that humans fall victims to, so it is an interesting universe to explore.

Due to the huge success of the novels, a television series aired in 2007 based on The Dresden Files novels. Luckily, Evil Hat Productions has announced that there will be a mobile game released next year called The Dresden Files: Cooperative Card Game. According to the official website, the game will support co-op where 1 – 5 players can play together and it requires the player to be 13 of age or above.

The mobile game will also feature the main characters from the novels such as Harry, Michael, Murphy, Susan, and the Alphas. While it is a card game, it should be appealing to the fans of the series and those that are looking to read the novels. We can expect this game to be released in the Spring or Summer of 2017. You can watch the original trailer for The Dresden Files: Cooperative Card Game below.

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