Clash Royale – A Brief Look At The Elite Barbarians

The next anticipated card in Clash Royale features the Elite Barbarians and they certainly don’t look friendly! The 6 Elixir card spawns a pair of leveled up Barbarians that look similar to the classic Barbarians but are much stronger and faster. This card can be unlocked at the Royale Arena (Arena 7) and come with interesting stats. Each of the Elite Barbarians comes with 420 HP and causes 73 Damage Per Second.

From what we know about them, it is important to level up the Elite Barbarians before taking them to a real battle. They may not be the best at defense due to their smaller numbers but they can very effective on offense if you unleash them with the Hog Rider or other Tower-focused troop. In Clash Royale, a card is as powerful as your strategy. It really comes down to when to deploy the Elite Barbarians and in combination with which other troops. The Elite Barbarians will become available in 12 days from now.

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