Batman: The Telltale Series – Guardian of Gotham (Episode 4) Trailer Released

Telltale Games has just announced that Episode 4 for Batman: The Telltale Series will be coming on November 22nd to all platforms. The upcoming episode is dubbed Guardian of Gotham and will be available for iOS & Android too. According to the decisions you made in Episode 3, you will experience the game extremely differently from other players.

WARNING, Spoiler Alert! Episode 4 will involve a lot of dramatic events, especially that things didn’t end well in Episode 3. With Wayne Enterprises being taken over by the Penguin and Bruce ending up in Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane, you will have a lot of hard choices to make. Choices like teaming up with individuals you despise in order to escape your cell. You can watch the trailer for Guardian of Gotham below.

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