Bethesda Pinball – Coming December 6th

If you are a Bethesda fan, then this is your day! Bethesda Softworks just shared more information about Bethesda Pinball on Twitter. Of course, they are working on it in partnership with Zen Studios which released a teaser trailer that featured a dragon! Seems like we are definitely seeing elements from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim appearing in Bethesda Pinball.

So when do you get to experience Bethesda Pinball? Don’t worry, it is within grasp! On December 6th is the awaited day so do get excited. Bethesda has revealed 3 new Pinball tables that feature Skyrim, Fallout, and Doom. We honestly cannot wait to play on each of these tables because the visuals look captivating and you can tell just by looking at the images provided.

It is clear that Bethesda is becoming more interested in the mobile platform and that is very good news. We saw them release mobile games, and now Pinball tables featuring their top franchises. Hopefully, we will see some of their console games ported over to mobile devices in the future. You can check the teaser trailer for Bethesda Pinball below.

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