Torchlight Mobile – New Gameplay Trailer Released

We are still waiting for Torchlight Mobile to be released worldwide since it was announced for late 2016 but it hasn’t been abandoned. In fact, a new gameplay trailer was released this week demonstrating the Kitsune Class. Torchlight was originally launched in 2009 as a PC game. It shared a vast amount of similarities to the Diablo series in terms of design & gameplay. In fact, the co-designers of the first two Diablo games worked along with Runic Games to bring Torchlight to fruition.

While the game is a free-to-play game, the mobile title will come with a new PvP mode featuring a MOBA minigame that includes arena battles and the possibility to create dungeons in your image. It comes with amazing graphics that fit its prestigious title and very much consistent with the Torchlight universe in terms of experience, sound effects, dungeon design and visuals.

Furthermore, this game was designed from the ground up for mobile devices and the control system it incorporates is very typical to other hack and slash games. For example, you can control movement on the left side of the screen and attack using a big button on the right side of the screen. In addition, you will be able to choose from different classes: Engineer, Berserker, Embermage, and Outlander.

Torchlight‘s story is quite fascinating and takes place in the mining town of Torchlight. It presents a fantasy world where Ember is perceived as the most valuable element in existence. Upon discovering Ember below the town, ancient civilizations are uncovered & abnormal creatures are encountered. Without spoiling the story for you, the dungeon crawler will immerse you into a unique world filled with meandering dungeons and unsettling secrets. To put it mildly, the game is a minor replica of Diablo and that is never a bad thing. You can check the latest gameplay trailer for Torchlight Mobile below.

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