Post Brutal: A Post Apocalyptic Zombie Title – Coming December 2nd

A release date has been announced for Post Brutal, an interesting title that brings a post-apocalyptic experience in the third person view. Hell Tap Entertainment will launch the free-to-play game on December 2nd. The Action RPG tries to immerse you into its world by allowing you to capture a picture of your face to become the face of the main character. Not only that, but it also allows you to record your voice in order to have the main character sound more like you! Now that is a novel idea.

The game places you in the quarantine zone of City Zero where you unite with survivors to stay alive against the chaos that’s spreading across the city. It becomes your responsibility to discover the mystery behind The Event, the disaster that resulted millions of city inhabitants to fall into utter madness. Combat in the game is well thought, providing you the option to switch between melee and ranged combat; from kitchen knives to automatic rifles, your survival kit becomes really anything that you can find.

What most of you will find fascinating is the brutal gore that Post Brutal boasts to incorporate. Not only will you see flying limbs but also splattering blood all over the place. Bodies react different to each type of weapon so you will be exploring some dark experiments in the game. With 8 skills to choose from and 24 skill levels to upgrade to, you will experience a deep character development that will impact your survival rates differently.

No game stands strong without a decent story and Hell Tap Entertainment promise an engaging story in a rich world to explore. As a lone survivor, you will have to protect yourself against the Afflicted, Raiders, Ferris Fraternum, and those that dwell within city walls. Post Brutal only gets more difficult as you play so don’t expect an easy path to redemption. What has become clear to us is that this is not just another zombie game, it is an immersive experience that looks very promising despite its developing nature.

Post Brutal reminds us of Bloodmasque, an RPG vampire game by Square Enix where you could import your own image onto the main character’s face which was an exciting experience at the time. Hell Tap Entertainment advances this experience by including your voice as well. The game will become available for iOS & Android on the same day. You can check the trailer for Post Brutal below.

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