Clash Royale – The Clone Spell & Strategy Exploration

We think that the next overpowered card in Clash Royale will launch in 9 days. You probably have seen the Clone Spell and we can tell you that it is insanely good! Let’s start by defining what this card does. The Clone Spell is a card unlocked at Arena 8 that duplicates all friendly troops in the target area.

While the cloned troops have less HP than the original troops, they carry the same power. How low will the cloned troops’s HP be? Only 1 HP! Very low, but you need to use this card wisely. This spell is only worth 3 Elixir which will render it one of the most used and abused card in the game.

One of the best strategies that come to mind is cloning a Giant Skeleton that has already made it to the enemy tower and it doesn’t matter if the cloned troop has 1 HP because he will have a bomb that is just as effective as the original.

Two bombs can be a disaster to your opponent, so this is one of the best strategies to use. The same idea goes for the Lava Hound and Golem because they leave behind them Lava Pups & Golemites that can be very damaging. Stay tuned with our website for more news on Clash Royale.

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