World of Tanks Blitz – Update 3.4 Introduces New Map & Tanks

If you were waiting for things to change in World of Tanks: Blitz [Free] then they just have! Where do we start? At the beginning, of course! Silly us. Update 3.4 has been released and with it, you now have American Tanks and a new map. The American Tanks range from Tier II to Tier X T57 Heavy Tank. As for the new map, it is called the Canyon, which covers a mining district in western USA where you explore abandoned mines, a mineworker’s village, and old railways.

The storage system for in-game items has now been unified where you can find all items in one place and earn your first by completing missions. Yet, with all these goodies, the company promises that there is more to come in the upcoming days due to winter holidays. So stay tuned with our website for the latest news on World of Tanks: Blitz. You can watch a review video of the update below.

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